by Paolo Carlo Lunni

This book is not about a color in general or red specific.
Honestly, red is just a kicker, an element to start making and collecting photos with an unifying characteristic.
When I look backward to my photos in order to pick an element which can give the meaning of a collection or, in this case, a book I look for something of importance no matter to the size of it.
Talking about photographs, colors, along with light, is for sure one of the most eye drawing ingredient I can think of. Even more so when I have to choose a detail which has to say alongside and gracious the stunning female beauty in a fashion or glamour portrait, I turn immediately to red in its full gun blazing power.
Over centuries people had given multiple meaning to the red color: passion, aggression, lush, there's even some medical study which associate physical reaction in muscles and heartbeat rate when someone looks something tinted in red. But as a photographer, an inspiring notion came across when I learned that could be a link between red and beauty itself.
My mind blow up when I discovered that in the Russian language, the word for red, Кра́сный (krasniy), comes from the same old Slavic root as the words for "beautiful"—красивый (krasiviy) and "excellent"—прекрасный (prekrasniy). 
From that time on I started to shoot and pick various photos aiming to achieve the goal to give you my humble best effort to unite "beautiful"—красивый, "excellent"—прекрасный in photos as well they did on the simple word: red.
Now let me used some lines to thank you all my models that I have the honor to collaborate with:
(in order of appearance)
Natasha Guarnieri (cover)
Alice Brivio
Mari Costa
Giulia Ndoka
Nicole Anna Szar